Top 10 Most Influential Brands In Survival Gear

When it comes to survival kits and tactical gear, you want to ensure the best that is offered. Cheaply made products that are not reputable prove to be a waste of money. Here are 10 of the most influential brands for survival gear and what they specialize in.

Survival knives - as your knife is the most critical tool in your survival pack, choose a knife that will not only get the job done but one last as well.
Panpack - Ka-Bar1. KA-Bar provide survival knives which are completely made out of metal. The knives are perfect for hunting and fishing as well as a tool, which cannot be harmed easily by weather or use.
Panpack - Survival Edge Cold Steel2. Cold steel makes it to the top brands as the company not only offers survival knives but busman bowies and other knives needed for off grid living and tactical gear.
Panpack - Huntspoint3. Sog Seal - this brand of knife is sold to manufacturers with extreme use and abuse as the main focus. The blades of resistance to gas, salt water, torsion and chip breakage. In terms of durability the blades are ideal for hunting and gathering but a survival tool as well.

Food - you will need to have dehydrated food in your survival pack, which can sustain you for a minimum of three days. Here are the top brands.
United States Military MRE Panpack - Nitro-Pak 4. United States Military MRE. These are designed with the sole purpose of providing food to soldiers, which is not only filled with vitamins and mineral needed to survive but with durability and longevity in mind. MRE’s are meals ready to eat and can be purchased from a number of vendors. Make sure you find the authentic one.
5. Nitro-pak Preparedness Center - Nitro pak offers a variety of dehydrated foods as well as freeze-dried foods.

Panpack - Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Water purification - your water supply should be three liters. When your water runs out you will need to have a method of purifying your water. Purification filters are the best way to do so.
6. Sawyer Mini Water Purifier is ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness. The high-performance filter fits in the palm of your hands weighing just 2 ounces. There is a 0.1-micron absolute hollow fiber membrane in-line filter. It attaches to a drinking pouch or you can use a straw to drink directly from your water source. It removes 99.9% of all bacteria and is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
7. LifeStraw offers a few options for their water purification brand. You can use the family purifier or the single straw purifier. It can purify up to 12 L per hour where the individual lifestyle can process up to 264 gallons. It is recommended you have both in your pack, as water is your number one need in critical to your survival.

Panpack - Ever Ready Frst Aid

First aid - regardless of your survival training, accidents are prone to happen. Having the best first-aid kit will maximize your chances of survival.
8.Ever Ready First Aid, a bag that provides you with everything you could possibly need in a first-aid kit. The kits do tend to be a bit bulky but can be strapped to the bottom or top of your pack. They are typically less than 10 pounds.
9. Phoenix - Lazarus Inc. these offer a great many medical supplies that are in your kit.

Full survival kits - you can always up for picking an all-in-one survival kit. Generally they are more costly and they lack in one area or another but here are some that are useful.
10. Sovereign Survival 4 person Deluxe Survival Kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. It follows government guidelines and is a 72-hour kit and design for four people. You will need to add items such as clothing and modify it to meet your disaster plan. Regardless of the brand you choose make sure the model of the products you purchase are geared to functionality. Remember the best way to evaluate a product is to find out others who have field-tested the product. Test it for yourself and if it doesn't meet your needs return it and find another brand.

Panpack - Sovereign Survival