Shopping Biodegradable Footwear

PUMA has recently launched its "Bring Me Back" program that enables consumers to return reusable and compostable products from InCycle, a brand new collection of reusable sportswear. After being used, footwear, clothing and accessories can be brought back to the company for recycling. - Shopping Biodegradable Footwear Deeply committed to reducing their impact on the environment PUMA encourages the recycling and re-usability of sports products among consumers. The company makes it easy for the consumers to recycle a variety of products. All the customers should do is just bring used shoes, clothing and accessories from any manufacturer to a PUMA Store and deposit them in "Bring Me Back" bins. The used products will be sent off to be re-used or recycled. This means they are either broken down and re-used to create raw materials, or will be recycled into new products. The "Bring Me Back" initiative of PUMA represents a significant step forward toward achieving the long-term goal of transitioning to a closed cycle loop for materials usage. Since the beginning of the "Bring Me Back" program, PUMA has reported to have collected as many as 4,000 kg of used goods in its stores worldwide.
PUMA is a real expert in producing reusable sportswear. The materials used in these products can be easily broken down by microorganisms. The absence of toxins in these materials makes them most eco-friendly. Their impact on environment was reduced by using recyclable textiles, metals and plastic.
InCycle collection includes fully biodegradable basketball t-shirts and sneakers. The sneakerís sole is made of a material, which can be split into component materials and then composted into humus while an upper is made of organic cotton and linen.
Another product is the PUMA Backpack, made of polypropylene that can be degraded to the original substance. The PUMA Track Jacket is made of polyester from recycled plastic bottles, and is fully relyclable, including the zipper. In fact, it can be converted back into polyester and used in creating other products.
The InCycle collection was released at the same time with the Bring me Back program. Together with I:CO recycling company, the program provided stores with special recycling bins, which customers can use for further reusing of their clothes. Products of other brands will be recycled as well.
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