Choosing a Backpack for Summer Two Wheel Gear Two Wheel Gea Our choice is Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack ($119). If you have never used a hybrid pannier/backpack you should definitely try this one. Many people believe that a hybrid can be elusive and not very effective. Meaning compromises, a hybrid very often fails to meet the user expectations. But this cannot be said about The Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible. What makes this hybrid good is its well-though design. This backpack is not supposed to be used for long distance tours but is ideal for the commuter. Inside this hybrid features a secure laptop pocket, many slots for pens and pencils, one large zippered pocket and an open catch-all pocket. Externally, the backpack features two side pockets for water bottles, a pocket for delicate items and a large pocket with a waterproof cover for the pack. Also, the pack comes with a reflective patch on the front and reflective piping on its sides. So what makes this backpack a hybrid? The rear panel with the shoulder straps unzips to expose its mounting system that fits most standard racks. In addition, there is a strap holding the bottom of the bag stable. One more convenience: the user can just tuck the shoulder straps and the entire panel inside the pocket.