A Travel Backpack That Prevents Theft

At first sight it seems to be a usual backpack that features curvy shoulder straps and a back-hugging central pouch. However, when you get a better look at it, you may notice absence of zippers.
Panpack.com - A Travel Backpack That Prevents Theft This is RiutBag, a backpack, which has one distinctive feature – its zippers are placed on the back side of the pouch. This innovative backpack was designed to make travelers’ gear and accessory safer. Owners of this backpack won't have to worry about checking whether it is zipped or not. Also, such design protects your stuff against theft.
RiutBag is made of strong, water-resistant materials and it is available in 10 and 15 liter sizes. The concept of this backpack has been developed by Sarah Giblin, an experienced traveller. She came up with this idea when she had to travel between countries a lot to maintain relations with her partner.
Being sponsored by a Kickstarter campaign, RiutBag has already found its fans. What is more, it’s quite spacious – you can fit here your laptop, books, snacks, a bottle of water and many other things.
Both 10 and 15 liter sizes meet airline carry-on requirements so the RiutBag can serve as a great alternative or complement cumbersome travelling bags. Due to its inside zippers, the RiutBag is about to bring innovation and evolution in backpack fashion. All in all, RiutBag is a modern backpack, which combines useful functions and attractive design. If you got interested in purchasing this ultra comfortable pack consider check out eBay, on online marketplace where everyone can purchase everything, anywhere and anytime. It is recommended to apply eBay Redemption Code 2015 you can get at promocodes2015.com to purchase the products you want and need at the lowest price possible.